10/17/2007 0:00 - 4/27/2021 0:00

Spot is my best friend in the world. He was the friend that comfort me with no questions asked. He knew when I was upset, sad, mad, emotional he didn’t care how I felt he was always there for me. Some of his most favorite games was tug-of-war and chase. He loved to sleep in daddies lap all the time thinking he was 2lbs but really 78lbs. He enjoyed car rides and the park where he chased squirrels 🐿. He was more then I could ever ask for in a bestie. He always loved to lay out in the sun all day. If it was sunny he was out on the sidewalk sun backing getting his tan on I called it. Spot was deff not that big of a fan of water or the rain for that matter. Daddy had to get wet in the rain to get him to go potty if it was raining. I would never trade those days for anything. Daddy loves you SPOT until we meet again.