6/21/2016 0:00 - 11/3/2021 0:00

Mable was our one of a kind kitty. The day we got her she was shy, and didn't know what to do with herself but she eventually came out of her shell. She was one of the softest cats I have ever petted, she isn't cuddly but she definitely had her ways of showing her love. She loves to play, she'd play chase with you around in the house and bite your calves. We would call her, "tiger kitty" because of her coat (and she acted like a little wild cat.) She would jump onto my bed to wake me up in the mornings and rubbed her head onto mine, she was extremely talkative and loved to meow & speak to us. We love her with all our heart, and we will meet again at the rainbow Bridge. I love you my sweet girl.