Beau sanchez

2022 - 2023

Our Beau is now running and guarding heaven with his big brother Rocko, Beau came into our lives & gave us the best memories. My big pawed boy we love you forever 🐾. Our beau was diagnosed a month ago with an enlarged heart & Heart failure he was only 1 year and 4 months. Beau had so much love to give his heart couldn’t handle it. Our beau was the best Pitty and everyone he encountered automatically fell in love with him. Beau loved walking and going up mount Scott with his dad Oiram Siul Zehcnas. He loved his little brother Tino and was the best big brother to him ❤️ He loved his pup cups & loved all the compliments the ladies would give him. Our beau will forever live in our hearts and in Tinos. And we want to thank all those that loved our Beau and took care of our beau thank you all for giving our sweet pitty a place in your hearts. We know that he isn’t in pain anymore & he is now running freely in heaven guarding the gates and waiting for us ❤️ see you soon bud.
Forever and always Beau 🐾-Mommy