3/2/2005 0:00 - 7/6/2021 0:00

One of the sweetest dogs ever created by God.

Our grandson went to the SPCA to look for a dog to adopt. He adopted Roxie at 4 weeks old. She came home at 6 weeks old. Our grandson lived with us when he adopted her. When he was ready to move out he asked if we wanted him to take Roxie. Uhhh, no!!!!! She has been with us for 16 years.

Finicky eater is an understatement. We would try dog food that we thought she would like. One sniff and she was over it. I cooked her food and she was ok with that.

Roxie had us trained. When she wanted out in the front yard instead of the back she would bark at her Daddy until he went out front with her. She thought it was her job to secure the house at night. She walked the perimeter of the yard never getting in the street or leaving the yard. She would then come in and bark at Momma to fix her food.

Roxie followed us to our room at bedtime. She loved sleeping in her bed beside ours.

Roxie was in declining health. We wanted her to be able pass in her home. As her health declined and death was imminent we made the hard decision to have her euthanized. I dreaded it but I knew I was her "person" and I would be with no matter how hard it would be. We found a shade tree at veterinarian office. As we waited for our appointment I talked to her and rubbed her ears. After about 15 minutes she took her last breath. In her last minutes she protected me from a very emotional decision.

We certainly have an empty place in our hearts and in our home.