8/30/2008 0:00 - 3/9/2021 0:00

Reio Peach-Beast Lady Bird Golden, (“Reio”), peacefully crossed the rainbow bridge on March 9, 2021.
Born to a litter of eight on August 30, 2008 in Blanchard, Oklahoma to Bloodhound, Whiskey River, and Saint Bernard, Bear. She was the daughter of Andrea Golden and the charge of many close aunts and uncles. She is survived by her sisters Bonnie and Genevieve, and her brothers Lando Quilrissian, Merlin, and Henry Kittenger. She was preceded in death by her brothers Sirus and Quinton who certainly welcomed her cheerfully on the other side.
Reio’s favorite activities were eating, walking, protecting her house, lounging in the snow, showing off her new toys, and taking long naps. Honestly, Reio was a perpetual puppy and loved everything about life (except getting brushed. She hated getting brushed). Reio loved “Front Yard Fluffs”, seeing her dog friends, demanding treats, and people watching. Reio always loved going on car rides and meeting children and dogs at the Medieval Faire. Reio went hiking and socialized (played with) shelter cats and dogs. She was the best dog ever (everyone reminded her of this) and she lived the very best life.
More than anything, Reio loved her mom. She was always there to greet her with head-butts and hugs. She was her constant companion – Reio was good at a lot of things, but she was best at giving dedicated, unconditional love. Reio taught everyone she met the joy of obligation that comes with responsibility. Everything was scheduled for and around her needs.
Reio lost a fight to liver cancer after years of hard-fought battles against leg injury and seizures. Reio spent her last days at home with her family and herd. She snoozed in her favorite napping spot (the water closet) and relaxed on her slope in the backyard and warded off the squirrels (much to Bonnie’s chagrin). Her last days at home will be cherished.
I will think of her every time I open the pantry. I will miss her every time I come home and don’t get head-butts and hugs. I will carry her with me everywhere.
She will be forever missed and forever remembered, but she left behind not only “butt-fluff” tufts of fur on the floor, but also her profound love.