1/12/2008 0:00 - 5/25/2021 0:00

Dearest Moe,
14 years is not long enough. It feels like just yesterday we picked you up from Petsmart in Kansas. Yoli and Nana found the “perfect” dog on and drove to Kansas to pick her up. We remember seeing you at the bottom of the foster mom’s shopping cart in a cage. You were absolutely terrified and shaking, recently rescued from a puppy mill. Nana wanted to copy all of the celebrities at the time who had a yorkie so we ended up choosing you instead! You hated your first road trip and you were so nervous in your new home it took a few days until you wagged your tail for the first time and started eating regularly. We remember the first night we had you Nana was told not to let you on the bed, but of course, she picked you up and you slept with your body wrapped around her head on the pillow. You even barked when Yoli came in the next morning. Little did we know the adventure with you was just beginning. You quickly won over our hearts and were the best thing to ever happen to us. Thank you for being our best friend, companion, study buddy, world traveler, guard dog and now guardian angel. From running 5ks, flying to the beach in California, staying in luxury hotels, hiking in New Mexico, car rides to volleyball tournaments, many road trips, moving from Nebraska to Oklahoma, visiting Nana on campus at school, beating cancer, getting groomed by a mobile pet spa & putting up with foster dogs (& fails lol), you lived a wonderful life. You made every place we went to feel like “home.” You have made such an impact on our lives and were the glue to our family and we don’t know what we will do without you. Thank you for sticking around long enough to come with us to Nana’s first medical school interview and making sure you saw her through starting this next chapter in her life. You left us too soon and how ironic it was because your heart grew “too big.” You gave us everything you had and we couldn’t be more grateful. You will be so missed and we can’t wait until we get to see your little smile and hold you again. Hope you’re playing all night long with all the froggies you want to and bossing all the other dogs (twice your size) in Heaven. We love and miss you sweet Moe Moe ❤️🐾🕊