Holly Angel

2008 - 2022

HOlly angel came to our family in March of 2009. She was our son Donovan's 9th birthday present. Holly brought us much joy. She was a lover of all things bread and was the biggest "squirrel" that visited the neighbor's bread pile for the squirrels and birds. Holly also was a cat food Bandit. SHE raised and loved many of our son's friends. She became their dog too. She was a great listener, compassionate, night watch girl over our family while we slept, excellent listener, loved music, getting her tummy rubbed, going on walks, chasing geese onto the pond, carrying furry toys in her mouth and laying beside or at the feet of us all. We were honored to love her for 14 years. We rescued her, but really, she reduced us. Holly was patient except for when it was time for vittles or a treat. Holly is survived by her best boy, Donovan, her best GIRLs Alanah and sarah, her sister, Charli olive, her nephew dog, Andre wallace, gran, grandad, dog parents Glen and Kelli, along with a host of family, friends, caretakers, and kids who entered our home. We love you Holly Angel. We will see you again when we meet you at the rainbow Bridge. Holly asks that you honor her by Choosing to rescue for your pets.