4/9/2021 0:00 - 6/28/2021 0:00

Gidget Reneé was the best! Spoiled rotten & loved so much. She was queen of the castle. Didn’t like the mailman. Loved sharing sonic ice cream cones with momma. Trevor picked you out 13yrs ago Né Né. One of the best decisions he’s ever made. You gave us the best 13yrs. We are going to miss you so much. Momma tried everything baby girl. This was the hardest decisions we had to make. It would have been selfish for us to keep you going through everything you were. It’s not goodbye baby girl. We will see you again. Till then enjoy your healthy body. Play hard & have fun. Give Rumble kisses from momma. I love you!🐾♥️🐾♥️🐾