2007 - 2022

Fufu, our precious furbaby has been a god given blessing in our life for 15 years. "adopted" from our oldest daughter during labor day weekend in 2007, i really didnt want another dog, as we had our "cinammon". My youngest daughter, 7 years old, looked up at me with tears in those big brown eyes and said, "can we keep her dad". well, how could i say no. Fufu was a chihuahua-miniature Pincher mix aND HAS BEEN the smartest, loving and well behaved dogs we have ever loved to be a member of our family. She loved tug-o-war, scratches behind her ears and cuddling under a blanket with her human momma. she was fond of chasing squirrels, eating pecans they have buried and sunbathing in a window in the winter and outdoors in the summer. her favorite game of hide and seek around the living room and chasing her squeaky tennis ball has kept us entertained. we dearly missed her and now have her remains along with her favorite toys in a urn to remember the precious years we had.