11/11/2006 0:00 - 3/31/2021 0:00

Sir Chadwick Isaac Newton I, aka Chaddy Boy, was one in a trillion. One of the most handsome and dapper boys to ever live. He was also the kindest being I've very known. He literally loved everyone and everything he came into contact with. His little nubb tail always wagging and his smile radiating his great joy. He loved to be held like a baby and he loved to sing to anyone to show his love for them. He taught us what true unconditional love was. He was there through the hardest days of our lives, always with a kiss and a song. He was also there for the best of times. Chaddy was a very tough boy. He faced seizures, cancer, , heart failure, liver disease, kidney disease and his final illness with strength I have never witnessed before. Through it all, he still smiled and continued to bring joy and love. Chaddy was truly an angel sent from God. Our hearts are broken but we have hope we will see our sweet boy one day again and get some of his sweet kisses. Chaddy Boy, oh Chaddy Boy, we love you so!!! We love you, We love you. We love you!