3/14/2009 0:00 - 7/6/2020 0:00

Buffy was born on March 14, 2009 in Pawnee, Oklahoma. She was a high school graduation gift for our son Barrett. Barrett was studying French in high school and wanted a Bouvier des Flanders puppy. Territa and I did not even know what a Bouvier was, let alone how to pronounce it. Barrett researched breeders and they were few and far between in Oklahoma. The most reputable breeder he found was in Pawnee, Oklahoma. Barrett ended up getting the pick of the litter and he chose Buffy. We got Buffy when she was 9 weeks old. He did not have a name picked out for her when we got her.

The day we got Buffy, we drove through the Pawnee Bill Ranch before we came home. We saw a newly born baby bison in the pasture that looked like Buffy. After seeing the baby (bison) buffalo we decided to name her Buffy. Buffy became an AKC Champion within her first few years. Her American Kennel Club (AKC) name is War Bouviator Princess Charging Buffalo. She also excelled at herding and passed the AKC Herding Instinct Testing.

We noticed Buffy loved children, especially children with disabilities. With permission from one of the teachers, Barrett took Buffy to visit the Shawnee Early Childhood Center. Many children got the see and pet Buffy that day. Several years later, we enrolled her in a Therapy Dog Class at Seminole State College. The first night of class, the instructors told the class that Buffy’s temperament is what they were looking for in a Therapy Dog. After completing the class and passing her test, Buffy visited several different nursing homes in the area.

Buffy had such a sweet and calm disposition. She was never mean to any other dog or animal or any person. Buffy was so special to all of us. In 2019, we learned Buffy had a genetic eye disease called Retinal Atrophy. She gradually lost her eyesight from it this past year. On the morning of June 8, 2020, Buffy suffered a medical event of some nature and then she made an incredible rebound for a couple of weeks. Buffy crossed the Rainbow 🌈 Bridge with her family at her side at 10:21 PM on July 6th, 2020 at home. Buffy will always live on in our hearts. With her calm, accepting and loving nature she taught us many valuable lessons on how to live our own lives. We love you so much Buffy and are so thankful for you being such a big part of our lives. RIP Sweetness.