1/1/2020 0:00 - 11/13/2020 0:00

It is with deep sadness we share the loss of our Beatrix. She passed away on November 13 after a difficult 17-month journey with hyperthyroidism, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure. During her illness, I was away from her for only short periods of time; we were always with her at night. We were her people, the ones she ran to when afraid, reaching out for comfort during a respiratory episode or simply wanting to tattle on a noisy neighbor or their barking dog. As she slipped away, we hope she felt comfort on one of her favorite fuzzy blankets with my arms wrapped around her and Kevin petting her. Her ashes are now back home with us.

Kevin and I immediately miss her presence so much. For almost thirteen years, Beatrix was our only child. Before she became ill, she was up at dawn ready to visit the birds. It was common for her to bring us living creatures – a mouse, snake, cricket or cicada and drop them in the living room. She loved to sunbathe in the morning, guarding her backyard. She patiently waited at the front door for Kevin to come home for lunch and greet him again after work. She would try to hide at dusk when she knew it was time to come in for the evening. She loved her cat nip treats at 10 pm. Beatrix did not like it if we stayed up late; she would beg for her treats and round us up for bed. Then, snuggles and sleep.

She taught me so much about living with chronic illness – enjoy the good days and rest together on the bad ones. On our better days, we sunned in the hammock or on the lounge chair cushion together soaking up nature. She also enjoyed walking the labyrinth with me until she became distracted by a bug or butterfly. She loved to rest on the back porch and watch her squirrel and bunny friends or chatter at her birds as they visit the feeders. On our bad, painful days, usually cold outside, we snuggled up and shared the heating pad. She loved afternoon rest time snuggling and listening to guided imagery or loving kindness meditation. I am forever grateful to you, Beatrix, for reconnecting me with nature. We love you always, little B, our sweet girl.